Scrub Gloves
Scrub Gloves
Scrub Gloves
Scrub Gloves
Scrub Gloves

Scrub Gloves

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Take the stress out of tidying up with these ingenious new washing-up gloves!

Simply apply dish soap to the gloves, and begin to clean!
These brilliant reusable gloves are a cost-effective and super simplistic addition to any home and kitchen.

It’s a kitchen tool that combines the two most common household cleaning tools into one - a scrubbing pad and gloves.

They're all you’ll ever need for washing dishes or cleaning walls and floors.

No need for separate cleaning tools when doing the dishes or cleaning walls and floors.

Simply put the glove on, add your favorite liquid or powder cleaner and you’re ready to clean.

With the Scrub Gloves, you can wash dishes or clean walls and floors without exposing your hands to harsh dish washing or laundry detergents that can trigger skin allergies and cause skin dryness.

They also protect your beautiful manicure from being smudged and ruined.

Made from durable latex and scour pads, the Scrub Gloves is long-lasting and wear-and-tear resistant.

These Scrub Gloves are reusable.

All you need to do is wash them with warm soapy water and air dry.

Then they’re ready for another round of cleaning dishes or walls and floors.

These Scrub Gloves are so versatile they can also be used for kitchen, bathroom, garage, and patio cleaning.  



    • The left handed is a regular glove, the right handed is a sponge attached to each finger
    • The clean gloves are made of rubber for long lasting, repeated using and stick hand comfortable
    • Protect your hands and allergy
    • Powder-free disposable multi-use
    • Reusable and reduces bacteria & germs
    • Work wet or dry, easy to use
    • All-in-one for home and kitchen


    • Material: Rubber
    • Size: 31cm
    • Color: Yellow

    Package Includes: One pair Scrub Gloves


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