Salt Gun
Salt Gun
Salt Gun
Salt Gun
Salt Gun

Salt Gun

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Salt Gun shoots salt pellets to put bugs in their place, and get them off our food!


To use it, just load the gun up with any regular table salt you may have in your cabinet at home, cock the gun, remove the safety, and pull the trigger.

 The salt gun will then shoot out a small load of salt at whatever you're aiming at.

 It's completely air-powered, and requires no batteries to use.

Bug-a-Salt Salt Gun - Fly Salt Gun

It will kill flies, mosquitoes, roaches, cabbage worms, aphids, stinkbugs, and more.

Shoot off a round and catch bugs in mid-flight even.

We all hate bugs so this handy salt gun makes a great gift.

Bug-a-Salt Salt Gun - Fly Salt Gun


  • Pop-up sight indicator
  • Accurate within 3 feet
  • 50 shots before reloading
  • Fly stays intact for easy cleanup
  • Premium, extreme fly killing salt gun
  • Non-toxic salt is safe for kids and pets
  • Excellent for insects in corners and ceilings
  • Shoots less than a pinch of ordinary table salt
  • This gun is powered by a blast of air and a splash of twisted, problem-solving fun
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