Music Gloves
Music Gloves
Music Gloves
Music Gloves
Music Gloves
Music Gloves
Music Gloves

Music Gloves

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ūüé∂Turn any surface into an instant piano with the Music Gloves¬†ūüéĶ


An amusing, exciting way for everyone to learn fundamental roots of music while playing the piano!


ūüé∂Each fingertip of these great gloves¬†plays a different note when¬†smoothly pressed on any surface.


Being able to play¬†tones of 8 distinct instruments,¬†this will thus make children¬†aware of sound differences between them. ūüé∂¬†




  • Each fingertip has been set an acuminous sensor,can play a different note.

  • 8 different musical instrument tones, like¬†piano, bass, violin, guitar, trumpet, drum, xylophone, music box.

  • 20 distinct background rhythms, such as dance, hard rock, shuffle, jazz, funk, beat.

  • Demo mode with six pre-recorded songs: you are my sunshine, happy birthday

  • Lightweight &¬†portable, easy to carry and easy to use



  • Dance, Hard Rock 1, Hard Rock 2, Shuffle, 16 Beat

  • 8 Beat, House, Country, Jazz 1, Rock 3

  • Latin, Rock 1, Funk 1, Rock 2, Soul

  • Slow Rock, Heavy Metal, Fuck 2, Disco, Jazz 2

  • Power supply: 4 AAA batteries (not included)

    Package Includes:
    • 1x¬†Music Gloves