About Us

Hi there! 

I'm James and I own Deal Scout, we'll actually Shop Deal Scout (we couldn't get the domain but let's just say that I own Deal Scout, it sounds better and makes me feel better). As a company we strive to bring the coolest, highest quality products at the most affordable price, so that you can get those new items, gadgets, gear you can not find in stores, and gifts at a price that won't break the bank. 

If you have any questions shoot us an email at:

We sell just about any category of product you can think of, but we put a UNIQUE TOUCH on it. Instead of finding the most mainstream generic boring products we source products with more of a focus on their uniqueness, quality, and affordability. We try to bring new products that will rock your socks off (that is if you are wearing socks... as i'm typing this i'm actually not... but you get the point) 

Our mission is to make you excited to purchase our products and deliver and over the top customer experience we possibly can. We strive to make everyone happy, even though it's almost impossible (why even try, right?) We'll we do try, and we do deliver on great customer support. 

Contact us at for any questions, there is no such thing as stupid questions (except if you ask what your email is.... we will tell you anyway)